Thursday, September 27, 2012

@Samsung Electronics

After my graduate study, I decided to train myself through hands-on experiences of building commercial products and services. So I joined Samsung Electronics in 2010, as a software engineer at R&D team of Telecommunication Systems Division. In this company, I have worked on impactful projects and social activities, from which I could learn a lot and polish my vision for future career.

Messaging Solution for Indoor Wireless Enterprises Environment

May.1 2012 ~ Present (2nd phase)
May.30 2011 ~ Oct. 24 2011 (1st phase)

This is a project to build easily customizable mobile messaging service for enterprise environment, which jointly works with existing groupwares. My role in this project is to develop a real-time push service that enables various forms of N-to-N service between users or service providers.

Project in R&D Team, Telecommunication Systems 
My Role
  • Android Push Library Development (Java, Android)
  • Push Service Architecture Design and Development (Python, Ruby)
  • Automatic Simulator to test service performance regarding Frontend, Push Service, and DB I/O.
  • Open API/Infra Service Design

SMT-i9100 Home Media Frame

Jun.1 2010 ~ Apr.20 2011

A wi-fi driven Android tablet device targeted for in-home users

SMT-i9100 is a Wi-fi based Android tablet device whose preloaded applications and services targeted for in-home users in Japan. In the project, I worked on Android's core application frameworks including Window Manager, Activity Manager, UI Framework. Also I was responsible for the Android CTS and Google approval. I've navigated through many of the Android's system components for full compatibility check, and could understand a lot about the software architecture.

Project in R&D Team, Telecommunication Systems
My Role
  • Android Application Framework (Window Manager, Activity Manager, UI Chains)
  • Managed of Android CTS and Google Approval
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TEDxSamsung is a group of people motivated to share ideas and dive into action to change the world. I joined TEDxSamsung in Mar 2011 as a conference organizer. In the second conference held in Aug 2011, I gave a 18 minute talk, about a project I was working on - eyeCan. It was a great venue to share my aspirations and experiences, and after the talk, my project earned a big publicity through communities in Samsung, finally getting appointed as the first project team at Samsung Electronics' 'Creativity Lab (CLAB)'.

Creativity Lab (CLAB)

Creativity Lab (CLAB) is a newly created laboratory in Samsung Electronics. The lab is a privilege for employees who have innovative idea and creative mind, where they can work as a full-time task force (T/F) for a project with their own directions.

My project, eyeCan, significantly contributed to the initial setup of CLAB, building a new team entirely on my own. Not just an job opportunity, CLAB also was an attempt to change the culture of Samsung. It was amazing to see how a bottom-up, and agile approach we have taken lead our project to big success.

Relevant Activities and Awards
  • Samsung Social Responsibility Award, Samsung Electronics Dec 2012
  • Employee Pride in Samsung, Samsung Electronics, Mar. 2012
  • What the Hack!, Organizer, @Samsung Electronics, Jan. 15, 2012
  • eyeCan Workshop, Organizer, @Samsung Electronics, Nov. 15, 2011

Student Membership Mentor
Super Rookie Membership, Samsung Frontier Membership

As a former member of Samsung Frontier Membership, a group of students who are potential leaders in IT industry and academia, I served the membership and also a new membership named Super Rookie Membership as a mentor. At the membership, I could meet a lot of enthusiastic students from variety of areas - literacy, games, science, engineering, and any form of creative studies. It was a honor to be someone who can give them advices, as an alumni of the Samsung Frontier Membership.