Cuddly AI

Beanie the Bunny is an LLM powered cuddly companion for emotional resilience.

Undisclosed Project

Generative AI Conversational Interfaces

Undisclosed Project

Generative AI + Consumer Devices

Undisclosed Project

Consumer Wearable Robotics

Mixed Dimensions

A novel tool and materials for brush-like expression in 3D forms.

Electrochromic Skin

Designing with the slowness of electrochromic displays

Latent Sheep Dreaming

Physical-digital installation exploring cohesion and conflict between human and machine agents in generative processes.

Robotic Painting Experiments

at ArtMatr Labs

Guitar Machine II

A Robotic Guitar that augments musical expression, training, composing, and improvisation.

Vicarious Movement

Re/pair Exhibition | The Black Box Theatre | UNSW Art & Design | 6-10 November 2017

Hand Development Kit

Soft robotic fingers as prosthetic augmentation of the hand

Guitar Machine I

Robotic fretting augmentation for guitars

Robotic Symbionts II

Modular robotic system for designing personal human augmentation systems.

Robotic Symbionts

Robotic joints worn on the wrist turn into extra fingers so that a person acquires skills beyond what five fingers can offer, or performs “tri-manual” tasks with the machine joints.

A Flying Pantograph

A flying machine that institutes a hybrid creation process as well as an expressive capacity beyond body limits.


Autonomous ubiquitous utilities that assist in user tasks through active physical participation.


Seeing the future through augmented aeality

Remnance of Form

Altered reflection of physical reality. Media art installation at Microsoft Research


Tangible interaction with see-through augmentation for smartphones on computer screens.

Cord UIs

Manipulating data on its flow path with augmented cables.


An open-source eye-mouse for paralyzed people. Presented both social and technical solution to a long-standing Quality of Life problem regarding Lou Gehrig’s disease patients. Creativity Lab (CLAB) at Samsung Electronics