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Exploring the blend of the physical and the digital, humans and machines, Sang-won researches alternate notions of the reality and the human body. He currently focuses on robotic artifacts that work in tandem with the human hand, where the resulting synergy enables novel yet human-centric ways to carry out creative expression such as painting or playing a musical instrument. The form of technology will equip humans with new abilities instead of replacing with more capable robotic agents.

The impact of his research spans from publications in top tier HCI conferences such as CHI, TEI, UbiComp, and NIME, to design awards and art exhibitions. Several of his work were awarded the Fast Company Innovation by Design Award, and have been shown in art exhibitions at SIGGRAPH ASIA, CHI, TEI, and The Black Box Theatre. Recently, he exhibited at Asia Culture Center along with some of the most prominent new media artists. In 2014, he was an artist-in-residence at Microsoft Research Studio 99, where he created Remnance of Form – an interactive installation with transforming shadows. His work has received extensive media coverage from BBC, WIRED, Discovery, Fast Company and so on.

Before joining MIT Media Lab, he was a software engineer at Samsung Electronics where he led the software development of eyeCan, an open-source DIY eye-mouse designed for people with motor disability. This project became the foundation of Samsung’s C-LAB. The eyeCan project was covered by major newspapers in Korea, also he was invited to give talks in TEDx events, Seoul Digital Forum, and Tech Plus Forum. He received his Bachelor and Master of Science from KAIST, focusing on 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

He is now a PhD student at Fluid Interfaces Group of MIT Media Lab, working with Pattie Maes.

Robotic Symbionts

Robotic Symbionts II

Hand Development Kit

A Flying Pantograph exhibited at ACC

A Flying Pantograph

Vicarious Movement

THAW magic lens UI

Cord UIs

Remnance of Form

Guitar Machine I

Guitar Machine II


Remnance of Form accepted to Leonardo Journal, May 7 2018
CreativeApplications: Otherly Space/Knowledge – Questions of knowledge in the age of data, Aug 9 2017
A Flying Pantograph exhibited in Otherly Space / Knowledge at ACC (Gwangju, Korea), Mar 2-25 2018
Remnance of Form to be exhibited at SIGGRAPH Asia 2017, Nov 28-30 2017
Morphology Extension Kit accepted to TEI 2018, Oct 2017
Robotic Symbionts accepted to IEEE Pervasive, Oct 2017
Robotic Symbionts nominated as a honorable mention of 2017 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards, Sep 11 2017
A Flying Pantograph featured in Neural Magazine Flying Pantograph, pipelining transposed drawing, Aug 9 2017
Morphological Interfaces presented at CHI 2017 in alt.CHI track
Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface presented to and awarded Best Paper Honorable Mention in CHI 2016

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