Exploring the gap between the physical and the digital, humans and machines, Sang-won is passionate to push the envelope of user interfaces and augmented reality. His ultimate goal is to reconstruct our notion of reality by removing the border between digital data, the physical world, and the human body, and turn our imaginations into corporeal forms. His creations include THAW – a Magic Lens UI that combines smartphones and computer screens, Remnance of Form – a shadow art installation that demonstrates magical behaviors of a shadow, Cord UIs – reinventing cords as UI elements, and on-body robotics that give humans extra machine body parts. His research and arts have been presented in prestigious academic conferences (CHI, UIST, TEI, UbiComp) and major media (BBC, WIRED, Fast Company, Engadget, Huffington Post, etc). His current focus is in the space of integrated physical human bodies with computational machine bodies, passionate to redefine our own selves and the image of the selves.

Before joining MIT Media Lab, he was a software engineer at Samsung Electronics where he led the software development of eyeCan, an open-source DIY eye-mouse designed for people with motor-disability. This project became an integral contribution to the birth of Samsung’s C-LAB. The eyeCan project was covered mainly by major newspapers in Korea, also he was invited to give talks in TEDx events, Seoul Digital Forum, and Tech Plus Forum. He received his Bachelor and Master of Science from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), concentrating on 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

He is now a PhD student at Fluid Interfaces Group of MIT Media Lab, working with Pattie Maes.

Designing evolution through machine-integration

THAW crosses borders of displays

Remnance of Form alters the perception of physical reality

Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface featured in MIT's Latest Project? Giving You An Extra Robot Hand, May 17 2016
New project: Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface, May 12 2016
A Flying Pantograph exhibited at TEI 2016 Art Exhibition, Feb 14-17 2015
"Body Integrated Programmable Joints Interface" accepted to and awarded Best Paper Honorable Mention in CHI 2016
L'evolved featured in BBC, Back to the Future: What will technology really look like?, Oct 21 2015
Cord UIs is the winner of 2015 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards students category, Sep 14 2015
THAW nominated as a finalist of 2015 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards, Sep 14 2015
L'evolved presented at Ubicomp 2015, Sep 10 2015

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