Monday, February 29, 2016

L'evolved: Flying Furniture

We began to think about how robotics or drone technologies can change our everyday life. Furniture such as desk and lamp have been in current static form forever, but now that we have the viable technology, we can finally rethink them. We all have such imagination about magical lively objects becoming smart and moving around interacting with us, no more as a passive object but more like intelligent beings.

On the technological side, we hear a lot about dystopian future - drones always monitoring you and taking away people's jobs. But, in an equally possible future, we seek a more desirable synergy between man and machine. L'evolved objects don't entirely change the way we go about daily tasks: desks are still desks, lamps are still lamps. They don't substitue or subordinate human activities.

*H. Agrawal, *S. Leigh, and P. Maes. L'evolved: autonomous and ubiquitous utilities as smart agents, Ubicomp 2015, 2015