Friday, February 28, 2014

DIY Telecaster

During IAP 2014, I made my own telecaster from MIT hobbyshop. The body was cut from a piece of wood using CNC. The good thing about Fender's design is that every part of their guitar fits into standard size wood pieces.

After all the hard efforts to drilling holes and sanding the surfaces, the dyeing begins. I put only 2 coats of blank ink to let the natural color of the wood can come out through the dyes. After the dyeing I put 5 coats of satin for finish.

Bolting on necks, putting bridge, pickups, control plate, pickguard. The vintage styled neck pickup is slightly painful to install - I had to adjust the height of the pickup before putting the pickguard on.

And the tele has come! I put my name on the head.