Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sungjae Hwang, Donchul Kim, Sang-won Leigh

NailSense allows users to control a mobile device by hovering and slightly bending/extending fingers behind the device. NailSense provides basic interactions equivalent to that of touchscreen interactions; 2-D locations and binary states (i.e., touch or released) are tracked and used for input, but without any need of touching on the screen. The proposed technique tracks the user's fingertip in real-time and triggers event on color change in the fingernail area. It works with conventional smartphone cameras, which means no additional hardware is needed for its utilization.

S. Hwang, D. Kim, S. Leigh, K. Wohn, NailSense: fingertip force as a new input modality, UIST 2013 Poster, Oct, 2013 [PDF]