Wednesday, September 26, 2012

QR Adventure

Sang-won Leigh, Jinyong Chung, Leena Kyunghwa Yu, Jun Seok Lee

QR Adventure is a real world game based on QR codes. We are trying to engage users into online story through transaction with underlying content based on reachable real-world interactions. As the main Game Designer of this project, my objective is to design an Alternate Reality Game in which people join the game through everyday places or landmarks, discovering hidden stories that lie behind observable environment.

Our Explorations

- How can a story be delivered via real world activities?
- How can we tell a story to a crowd of people at different time or places?
- Can a story be delivered in a non-linear (multi-faceted, omni-verse) way?

These problems fall into a domain of game design, trans-media storytelling, and experience design. Our objective is to build a game design process for creating a game that seamlessly connect real world and game story by providing proper real world interfaces based on existing media.

*QR codes are selected as our initial interface for story-telling; however, we are planning to adopt generic interfaces that can be used for our game structure.

Basic Structure

Diagram below depicts an example story line. They can have multiple entries and endpoints, and players are expected to follow different storylines based on their own information and decisions.

The process of designing a game is as below. Starting from a linear story structure, additional nodes and junctions are added, and finally, the story is modified to have multiple entries, and multiple endpoints.


- TEDxSamsung Annual Wrap-up Meeting, QRQR Adventure 1.0v, Dec. 17, 2011
- TEDxSamsung Junior Day, QRQR Adventure 1.1v, Apr. 1, 2012

May. 2011 ~ Present