Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interactive Recycle Bin

Sang-won Leigh

A C#-based Windows add-on for visualizing Recycle Bin status

Windows Recycle Bin does not give full description about its status. However, the total amount or number of items in the bin should be displayed, because users need to decide when to empty it.


  • Automatically updates Recycle Bin icon based on number and size of items in the Bin
  • Provided with icon files in proper format, users can customize their Recycle Bin with their own style
  • Supports both Window 7 and XP
  • Enable/disable the add-on easily


This application runs as a daemon named "Better Recycle Bins"

Right-click on the icon, then you can turn on/off the service
Recycle Bin displays its status (based on size and number of files)
The icons can be customized by replacing ico files above

Oct. 2011 ~ Nov. 2011