Retrieving Scents through the Manipulation of Malleable Material
ICE-9 SPYWARE: Vonnegut-inspired Spy Tools
A Fictional material that can be used as a future spy tool. In Science-fiction to Science-fabrication class with Ermal.
Encoding and Shifting Material Properties and Functionalities with Phase-shifting Liquid.
W – Microwave of the Future
Conceptual UI Prototype. The W uses a revolutionary user interface to tell the hungry user everything he or she would like to know about a food item that is placed in the microwave. No more buttons or dials on the microwave, W gets rid of these nuisances and will automatically calculate the optimal time required to heat or cook food to perfection.
Project LIMBO, standing for Limbs In Motion By Others, aims to create technologies to support people who have lost the ability to control a certain part of their body, or who are attempting sophisticated tasks beyond their capabilities.
Interacting with Angry Fishes - UIST 2013 Student Innovation Contest.
Fingertip Force as a New Input Modality.
Providing immersive gaming experience by connecting user’s physical activity to the virtual avatars. What if you and your character dance Gangnam Style?!
Gestural Launcher
Gesture-based android app launcher is proposed - an efficient combination of spatially invariant actions to trigger an application launch. @New Employee Project, Samsung
Interactive Recycle Bin
A Windows add-on to visualize richer information on recycle bin status.
3D Sketcher
A low-cost 3D sketch system with stereo web-cams. Implemented with Max/MSP, and Java extension. @Sound Design and Programming Course Project
Cats & Dogs
A prototype system for automatically identifying cats and dogs. Well-known algorithms including PCA, FLD, and Neural Network are implemented for the system. @Pattern Recognition Course Project