Friday, September 21, 2012

Gestural Launcher

Sang-won Leigh @New Employee Project

Quickly launching Android apps using user-defined gestures


Launching an application on Android is not a simple task, requiring a sequence of actions such as navigating, locating and launching a certain app. We need to press the home button -> find the target app among bunch of other icons -> finally touch on the app icon precisely.

How to Use?

(1) Long Press "Menu" key, the Quick Launcher will appear.
(2) Draw user-defined gesture on the screen (for target app)
(3) Target application will be launched.

With some training, it becomes possible to launch applications not even looking on the screen, with a simple combination of actions.


I hacked the WindowPhoneManager module to hook the menu-key-long-press event, then register a event handler which sends intent for launching the Quick Launcher. Afterward, gesture recognition is performed by a Android's native library. Pre-defined gesture data is stored in the device as a SQL database file.

List of favorite applications

Performing gesture launches an application. (Settings)

Performing gesture launches an application. (Music)

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